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Board of Directors Election 2017

The Harvard Extension Alumni Association Board of Directors work together to build a more active and engaged alumni body. Together they strive to provide Harvard Extension School alumni a wide array of opportunities to connect, celebrate, learn, network, and lead in their communities. The 2017 BOD election is now underway and we're looking for dedicated alumni to fill a variety of roles. *Submit your nomination by March 26, 2017.

Read the BOD General Job Description 

Election Timeline

March 4-26:
Nomination period 
April 9-23:
Voting period
April 26:
Election results are announced

Open Positions

President (2-year term)

The President oversees the Board while nurturing the HEAA's vision, implementing the policies and procedures that allow that vision to be accomplished while fostering a spirit of collegiately and inclusion.

Vice President (2-year term)

The Vice president assists the president in implementing the current plan of the HEAA and establishing future objectives. She/he will be ready to act on behalf of the President when needed.

Secretary (3-year term)

The Secretary works directly with Alumni Affairs staff to document and maintain a permanent record of the Association's meetings, such as meeting notes and various activities.

Treasurer (3-year term)

The Treasurer works directly with Alumni Affairs staff to maintain the financial and engagement metrics of the Association.

Director, Governance (3-year term)

The Director of Governance shall interpret the HEAA Constitution and Bylaws while managing related governance procedures. She/he will oversee the Governance Committee.

Director, Regional Engagement (3-year term)

The Director of Regional Engagement will oversee the Regional Engagement Committee in its effort to develop and strengthen alumni networks worldwide.

Director, Student Engagement (3-year term)

The Director of Student Engagement will oversee the Student Engagement Committee in its effort to mentor current student leaders, provide opportunities for alumni to connect with current students, and explore mentoring opportunities.

Director, Campus Events (2-year term)

The Director of Campus Events will oversee the Campus Events Committee and work with Alumni Affairs staff to provide a year-round variety of events in the Cambridge area.

Director, Reunion (2) (2-year term)

The Directors of Reunion will oversee the Reunion Events Committee and work with Alumni Affairs staff to plan and execute the beloved annual tradition, Alumni Weekend.

Director, Awards and Recognition (2-year term)

The Director of Awards and Recognition will help develop a robust alumni awards and recognition program while helping to identify qualified recipients.

Director, Recruitment (2-year term)

The Director of Recruitment will work to identify and cultivate fellow alumni for future leadership roles on the Board.